Self Pleasure~Exploring your body

Taking the time to explore your own body, regardless of your age or sexual experience, helps you discover your sensual likes and dislikes and achieve orgasm more easily. Self-pleasure is a very healthy thing for all. Knowing where you like to be touched, and what effect that location has on you, shows you how to teach your partner where to focus his attention. Self-pleasure isn’t about replacing your
partner; it’s about developing your relationship so you both can enjoy sex to the fullest. It also teaches you to be more comfortable with your body.

A big misconception about self-pleasuring is that it solely involves your finger(s) and your clitoris. But self-pleasuring is about connecting to and understanding your own body. Don’t limit yourself and exclude the other sensual regions of your body like your breasts, nipples, stomach, thighs and buttocks. Explore your body, first with your hands, and remember the places that tingled at your touch.

  • You may sometimes feel an inability to relax enough to fully enjoy self-pleasuring. This inability may have many causes, the most common being stress-related. If you’re unable to relax enough to fully enjoy self-pleasuring but feel like you need orgasmic release in order to relax, you may just need some assistance. The RomantaTherapy® Velvet Pleasure, the first passion toy added to our exclusive RomantaTherapy line, is a small, quiet personal massager with a pleasurable, velvety
    touch. When used on your clitoris, it reduces the amount of manual
    stimulation needed. You won’t have to focus on keeping an adequate
    pressure or speed — just allow the Velvet Pleasure to aid in your
    pleasure and enjoy the results. The Velvet Pleasure comes with its own
    carry case, providing a discreet way for it to travel everywhere with you.
  • One of the staples of every woman’s Passion Pantry is the Bullet. A bullet is
    a small, egg-shaped vibrator attached to a controller by a wire. The bullet, like the Velvet Pleasure, provides added stimulation to any body part it touches. It has many accessories, like the Pleasure Safari sleeves, that change the type of stimulation received. For example, the rabbit provides a less intense, almost tickling sensation, while the turtle provides a more direct, intense vibration.
  • Perhaps orgasm doesn’t happen to you easily as a result of intercourse. Most likely, you’re not achieving the right amount of stimulation to climax. Every person’s level of arousal is different; it doesn’t mean you or your partner is doing anything wrong, or that you lack attraction toward your lover. Perhaps you just need a little something extra to help you get in the mood and “jump start” your arousal. To help you prepare for sex, apply a small  amount of Pure Satisfaction UniSEX Enhancement Gel to the center of a Personal Finger Smitten placed on the finger you are accustomed to using to pleasure yourself. Gently rub the finger smitten on your clitoris, allowing the Pure Satisfaction to take its effect. Many women say they are able to climax within five to seven minutes of application, and the tingling sensation and level of arousal you receive will help you when you’re with your partner as well.

Self-pleasure can also be incorporated into foreplay. An activity you can try with your partner is to lay side-by-side, facing each other, while you both separately stimulate yourselves while watching each other. When you’re ready, you can “take over” for each other and continue the activity, only this time you’re stimulating him while he touches you.
Self-pleasuring is the safest sex you can have. It helps you learn about your body, enjoy who you are and never have to worry about your performance. In addition to being pleasurable, it’s natural, invigorating, rejuvenating and fun. It increases your sexual awareness and makes you a better lover. You should
never feel ashamed about self-pleasure — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying who you are and what makes you feel good.

Nicole Murillo

O.o°oMaking the world a better place one Orgasm at a timeo°o.O


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