National Orgasm Month

It’s National Orgasm Month, and there’s only one way to celebrate, but, some women find themselves unable to observe this gratifying month because they’ve never had an orgasm. To join in the fun, keep reading for all you need to know about the big O.

Orgasm 101

Orgasms are peaks of sexual excitement giving off intense, full-body waves of pleasure and relaxation. Fifty years ago, William Masters and Virginia Johnson described four stages of the human sexual response cycle: arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Today, there’s some debate about the application of these stages to women as some women may not experience much of a resolution stage and may instead experience multiple orgasms without going through each stage all over again. There’s also debate in regards to the types of female orgasms. In the past, experts categorized female orgasms as either clitoral or G-spot stimulated. However, an orgasm may also be felt in the labia, heart, skin, spine or even as a rush throughout the entire body. Because orgasms are as unique as the women who experience them, there’s no way to define what’s “normal.” The only thing all female orgasms have in common is that they all involve contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. Sensation, duration and cause of the climax will vary from woman to woman; and through persistent practice and experimentation, every woman can become an expert on her own orgasms.

Multiple Orgasms

As is the case with regular orgasms, there is no “right” way to have multiple orgasms. Essentially, a multi-orgasmic woman is able to achieve more than one orgasm during a session of love-making or self-pleasuring. Multiple orgasms may not be for every woman, and that’s normal. But, if you find yourself interested in finding out whether or not you can achieve and enjoy multiple orgasms, the best thing to do is simply set aside some time to try, either alone or with a partner. After achieving one orgasm, try clitoral stimulation to reach a second climax.

Orgasms Have Health Benefits

  • Relieve tension
  • Burn calories
  • Improve sleep
  • Fight aging, by increasing the youth-promoting hormone DHEA

What Can You Do to Ensure You Achieve Orgasm?

1. RELAX. Enjoy the moment and don’t focus on having an orgasm.

2. COMMUNICATE. Let your lover know what feels good. When your partner does something you enjoy, encourage your lover to continue.

3. FANTASIZE. Let your imagination run wild. Some women find that having a fantasy during lovemaking helps them to climax. The moment you find yourself close to climaxing, try tightening and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles to spark an orgasm.

What Can Partners Do?

1. COMPLIMENT. Think of ways to make your lover feel sexy and adored.

2. BE PATIENT. Not just with your lover who is trying to achieve an orgasm, but with yourself, too. If you climax before your lover does, continue stimulating your partner by using sensual products, such as lubrication and a vibrator, or performing oral sex.

3.REMEMBER THE CLITORIS. Most women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach climax. The clitoris is just as important to women as the penis is to men.

Now that you’re an expert on orgasm, go out to your parties and spread the word. The more women know about orgasms, the easier it is to have one! Don’t forget to check out the physiology of an orgasm in The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex.


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